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The following is a table of release data predating the last three years.

2002 and 2003 were uncharacteristic years for The Owl Foundation. West Nile Virus decimated our northern owl complement (including eight releasable Snowy Owls) and as autumn approached, we began receiving large numbers of emaciated Great Horned Owls (suffering from WNv and/or due to a low in the rodent population). WNv-susceptible owls admitted in the summer and fall of 2002 succumbed from the virus well before their scheduled 2003 release dates. Thankfully, WNv appears to be under control in both our facility and in wild owl populations. Admission numbers and release numbers have both returned to their usual patterns.

Owls are highlighted in green, falcons in yellow and hawks in blue. Eagles are not currently listed.

Table may not represent individuals banded at our facility by other banders, or those released subsequent to admission through transfers to other rehabilitators.



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