Sponsor a Releasable Owl

Sponsoring a releasable owl costs just $50.00 annually! The Owl Foundation does not receive government funding of any kind. Instead, we rely on personal donations from the public to maintain our facility and provide the quality of life that our wild owls deserve.

  When you sponsor a releasable owl:
· you give it the best chance for a natural life in the wild
· you are helping us protect our natural populations of owls and the ecosystems in which they live
· you will receive a certificate of sponsorship, including a photograph of the owl you are helping
· you will receive an invitation for two to our annual Sponsors' Tours of the Foundation
· you will receive a current copy of our biannual newsletter

How can I sponsor a releasable owl?

It's easy! Just click here to access our sponsorship page:

· print the form
· check the box entitled "Sponsorship of a juvenile owl scheduled for release"
· enter your name and information
· send the completed form and cheque (or money order) to:

The Owl Foundation
4117 21st Street
Vineland Station, ON. CA
L0R 2E0

When we receive your donation:

· we will promptly send your personalized Photo Certificate and tax deductible receipt to the address you have provided
· we will send you an invitation to our annual Fall Tours for donations of $50 or more. This is the only time of year that we allow visitors to tour our facility.

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