Making a Donation for our General Operating Costs

There are many facets to keeping a facility such as The Owl Foundation running smoothly and not all associated costs are directly related to sponsored owls.

General maintenance such as cage repairs, rebuilding or meshing (for West Nile virus protection), grounds maintenance and travel expenses (rescue trips, owl releases and mouse pickups) are just a few of the odd but important costs associated with general operation.

While we encourage sponsorship of both our permanent and releasable birds, we appreciate all donations that allow us to help those less fortunate raptors who find themselves struggling to survive.

  When you make a donation to The Owl Foundation:
· you give sick, injured and orphaned raptors the best chance for a healthy, full life back into the wild
· you help facilitate the maintenance and expansion of natural-type enclosures
· you are helping protect our natural populations of owls and the ecosystems in which they live
· you will receive an invitation for two to our annual Sponsors' Tours of the Foundation
· you will receive a current copy of our biannual newsletter

There are two ways to contribute to The Owl Foundation's general operation:

The first is to visit Canada Helps, an organization that aids non-profit groups such as The Owl Foundation in providing further online presence. With Canada Helps, you can choose to donate monthly or give a one-time donation. To make a donation through Canada Helps, just click on the link below.

Donate Now Through

The second is to simply print our sponsorship page and check the box entitled "Donation to General Operating Costs". Enter your name and information and send the completed form and cheque (or money order) to:

The Owl Foundation
4117 21st Street
Vineland Station, ON. CA
L0R 2E0

When we receive your donation:

· you will receive your tax deductible receipt at the address you provide.
· we will send you a personal invitation to our annual Fall Tours with a donation of $50 or more.


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