A Quick Key to Canadian Owls found in Eastern Canada

Birds can be extremely difficult to identify, and owls are no exception. Often colours vary across the species' range or between genders. Heavy moults can also affect identification.

This is the first in a series of pages that should aid in identifying Canadian owls found in the eastern provinces. A western key is unavailable at the moment. Each page will provide you with an option between two characteristics (for example "does the owl have light eyes, or dark eyes?"). Simply select the option that is closest to the mystery bird. You will then be asked more questions in turn, until we have whittled down the choices to one.


Question 1: Which eye colour does the owl have?


Variant of yellow

Colour can range from a
pale yellow to a deep orange.

Dark brown

The pupil is extremely difficult to see in natural lighting and the eyes will often appear black.

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