53 Complex - Release Training

Designed by Kay McKeever for the specific needs of Barred and Great Grey Owls in release training, 53 complex offers a huge area for flying (both on the vertical and horizontal planes), as well as a perfect view of the nearby Carolinian forest.

53 Complex is made up of six adjoining units, each 32' in length and approximately 15' in height. By opening bordering gates, we can create an immense flight circuit of 96' x 40' encircling the interior walkway. A corridor between the opposing middle units allows for fast movement across territories.

Pools, perching and vegetation are incorporated into each unit so that it can easily be separated from the others and used independently. The walls and roof are built from pressure-treated wood and sheeted with wood slats, fibreglass or one-inch mesh.

Total square footage for this unit is 2,880 sq. ft.

360° Panoramic View of 53 Complex

53 Complex is 2,880 sq. ft. and rises to 16 ft at its peak.

A Great Grey Owl swoops in for a brown mouse.

Outer side view of complex
Top view of complex
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Cross-section side view of complex

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